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Re: Issue: PROCLAIM-LEXICAL (Version 5)

    Date: 25 Nov 87 15:46 PST
    From: Masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    There was a lot of grumbling that the notion of "global LEXICAL" was a

As I recall, the original motivation for making a proposal here was
popular demand for a notion of "global LEXICAL" in the language.  The
evolution of the proposal was then driven by a desire to straighten out
various inconsistencies, but may have lead to introducing more
inconsistencies or complexities, a process to which I am afraid I have
contributed.  If there is some kind of concensus that no one wants
"global LEXICAL" anyway, maybe we ought to call the whole thing off?  I
still think Common Lisp has some confusion here that would be worth
straightening out, but certainly there are other areas we could be
cleaning up instead.