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    Date: Sat, 28 Nov 87 05:27:53 PST
    From: Jon L White <edsel!jonl@labrea.stanford.edu>

    There's one sense in which I share Fahlman's reluctance to accept this idea.
    It seems to presume that underlying any array whatsoever is a simple
    vector of elements that represent the array in dense, row-major order.

That was clearly the intention of Common Lisp, although I note that the
only place in CLtL that says this explicitly is an example on p.289.
It can also be deduced from the definitions of array-total-size and
array-row-major-index, because the range of array-row-major-index's
answer is defined to be a range of integers that contains just enough
members to supply a value for each subscript set, with no gaps.

Since CLtL was not explicit enough to be clear to you, perhaps a cleanup
proposal in the "clarification" category is needed.