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I spent some time reading the issue entitled SETF-METHOD-FOR-SYMBOLS.
Seems to me it avoids the real question.

Consider Test Case A.  Once the (GETF ...) and (PROGN ...) are 
evaluated, what happens.  We notice that the key B already appears in 
the list, so we replace its value with 6.  Then do we store the list 
back in R?  If so, R will be (A 1 B 6 C 3).  If not, it will be NIL.

Now if the key does not appear in the list, we must cons it on the front 
and then are forced to store it back in B.  So perhaps for consistency 
we should always store it back.

So I guess my question is:  is the place in (SETF (GETF R ...) ...)
R or is it the list in R or is the pair in the list in R?  

- Paul Anagnostopoulos