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Re: cleanup status

I usually keep quiet on this list, but I think the proposed
message of Larry's with Kent's modifications is coming pretty
close to something we should distribute to the whole community.

I get requests for X3J13 documents and send them out with some
form of disclaimer - this is only a working draft of something
under consideration.  But people want to know what's going on.

After the upcoming Palo Alto meeting, I expect we will have more
documents which have achieved some form of voted status, but
which we still do not want to be considered any kind of
incremental version of the standard.

The clean-up committee has been considering two kinds of things
-- one, clarifications of the current CLtL; and two, things that
go (slightly?)  beyond the book.  We should try to clearly
identify which is which and put together appropriate information
for wider distribution.

People who want to be involved with the discussions and decision
making should be working within X3J13; but we also have a
responsibility for providing authoritative information on what we
are doing and what implications it may have for current and
future implementations of the "standard."