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[Jan Zubkoff <edsel!jlz@labrea.stanford.edu>: mailings]

I am unfortunately going to be away for two weeks starting on Monday. (Rather
suddenly.) When I get back, I will try to gather up all of the issues that are
ready for release for mailing out and do a mailing. The time will be pretty
short. I'm going to at least try to get an updated status list out before I
leave, and mark the ones that seem ripe for harvesting.

Let me urge you to try to reach some convergence on the open issues in the next
two weeks. We need to get more things behind us if we're going to have a draft
standard by the end of the year.

I know you've seen this, but ...

This is a reminder that any subcommittee papers need to be mailed by Friday 2/5
in order to reach committee members in time. That's only 3 weeks from Friday