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re: The reason for this issue in the first place is that we have an outstanding
    bug report from a Cloe customer who says that EXPORT is not doing an 
    implicit IMPORT . . . and I'm trying to figure out which side to fix. 
    So this is not a contrived issue (as Jonl suggested it might be).

No, I didn't suggest that it was somehow contrived.  Your original proposal
mentioned that "some users" erroneously though that export was defined to 
do an import first, and I too have seen persons make this mistake.  Instead,
I question why IMPORT-EXPORT:YES comes up as a cleanup proposal (rather than
as a topic for discussion on, say, the common-lisp mailing list).  At best,
more emphasis in the documentation might be needed, if users continue to
be misled here.

-- JonL --