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cover letter for issues mailing

Hi -- I've just managed to make a pass thru my backlog of mail and hope to get
the mailing ready in the next day or so. (I think this means getting it into the
mail Monday morning, which I hope is not too late.) 

I propose to mail out at least the issues listed in my 14-Jan-88 message subject
Issue status: READY FOR LETTER BALLOT and those few that seem to have reached
convergence since then. (I'm not sure what those are yet, I haven't sorted out
all the mail.)

Subject: Issues from the cleanup sub-committee
To: X3J13@Sail.stanford.edu
reply-to: CL-CLEANUP@Sail.Stanford.EDU

The cleanup committee has a number of issues for discussion and/or voting at the
next X3J13 meeting. I will be mailing out those issues which are ready for
voting at the next meeting, one at a time.

I am uncertain as to the exact procedure for voting; I imagine that Bob Mathis
will help clarify. My current understanding is that you should be prepared
either to vote for endorsing a proposal or should prepare a written objection.

Please address your replies directly to cl-cleanup@Sail.stanford.edu. We promise
to summarize and redistribute any replies we get. X3J13@Sail.stanford.edu should
*not* be used for technical discussions, however.

The cleanup issues fall into several categories.

Passed X3J13/Jun87: 
Mailed to X3J13 prior to the June 1987 meeting of X3J13 and passed (via voice
vote) at that meeting.
As these were distributed before, they will not be mailed again except by
individual request, although the issues will appear on the ballot.

Conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87, new version passed X3J13/Nov87:
While an earlier version was mailed to X3J13 prior to the Jun87 meeting, the
most recent version was distributed only in hardcopy at the November 1987

Passed X3J13/Nov87:
Distributed only via hardcopy at the November 1987 meeting.

New ballot items for Mar88:
Not previously distributed to X3J13, but ready for voting.

In discussion:
Some of these issues may be distributed via electronic mail to X3J13 prior to
the March meeting for discussion at the meeting, although they will not appear
on a ballot at that time.