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Old issues for confirmation at March X3J13

These issues were already passed at previous meetings. However, I expect that
there will be an opportunity for a more formal vote at the March X3J13 meeting. 

 - AREF-1D (Version 7, 14-Nov-87)
   (Add a new function for accessing arrays with row-major-index)
   Version 5 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87
   Version 7 passed X3j13/Nov87

 - COLON-NUMBER (Version 1, 22-oct-87)
   (Is :1 a number, a symbol, or undefined?)
   Version 1 passed X3J13/Nov87

 - COMPILER-WARNING-STREAM (Version 6, 5-Jun-87)
   (Compiler warnings are printed on *ERROR-OUTPUT*)
   Version 6 passed X3J13/Jun87

 - DEFVAR-INIT-TIME (Version 2, 29-May-87)
   (DEFVAR initializes when evaluated, not later.)
   Version 2 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 - DEFVAR-INITIALIZATION (Version 4, Jun-87)
   ((DEFVAR var) doesn't initialize)
   Version 4 passed X3J13, Jun87.

 - FLET-IMPLICIT-BLOCK (Version 6, 5-Jun-87)
   (do FLETs have implicit named blocks around them?)
   Version 6 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 - FORMAT-ATSIGN-COLON (Version 4, 5-jun-87)
   (@: == :@ in format)
   Version 4 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 - FORMAT-COMMA-INTERVAL (Version 2, 15 June 87)
   (paramerize number of digits between commas)
   Version 2 passed X3J13/Nov87

 - FORMAT-OP-C (Version 5, 11-Jun-87)
   (What does ~C do?)
   Version 5 passed X3J13/Jun87.

 - GET-SETF-METHOD-ENVIRONMENT (Version 5, 13-Jun-87)
   (Environment argument for GET-SETF-METHOD)
   Version 4 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87.
   Version 5 passed X3J13/Nov87.

 - IMPORT-SETF-SYMBOL-PACKAGE (Version 5, 11-Jun-87)
   (Does IMPORT affect home package?)
   Version 5 passed X3J13/Jun87.

   (&KEY arguments not in keyword package?)
   Version 6 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun87.
   Version 8 passed X3J13/Nov87 

 - PATHNAME-STREAM (Version 6, 14-Nov-87)
   (PATHNAME only works on file streams)
   Version 2 conditionally passed X3J13/Jun 87
   Version 6 passed X3J13/Nov 87

  - PRINC-CHARACTER (Version 3)
   (PRINC behavior on character objections)
   Version 3 passed X3J13/Jun87.