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Issue: [Not Really] LET-TOP-LEVEL (version 1)

re: I do have a feeling that if we can come to some agreement on the notion of
    "top level" vs "embedded" and "file" and a few other things like that, it 
    would help out a lot in resolving things in subsequent discussions.

Maybe not.  At least not for the root cause that spurred the "flurry" of 
examples.  In case you hadn't noticed, the discussion that went on under 
the subjet line of "LET-TOP-LEVEL (version 1)", after the first round of 
interchanges, is really about an issue that would have better been by-lined 
under the DEFMACRO-BODY-LEXICAL-ENVIRONMENT issue.  [But that doesn't cover
the issue adequately either, since a strict interpretation on that topic 
might limit it to the notion of "lexical environment".]

The problem underlying these still seems to be the discrepancy possible 
between eval/load time definition and macroexpansion, and compile time 
definition and macroexpansion.  X3J13 had a subcommittee that was supposed 
to investigate the semantics of macros.  It appears to be defunct.   And as 
so often happens, the interest that could have been focused there has landed
on the Cleanup committee mails.  Wegman once volunteered (I think) to head 
up the macro committee.  Mark?

-- JonL --