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Issue: [Not Really] LET-TOP-LEVEL (version 1)

    Date: Tue, 8 Mar 88 10:17 EST
    From: Kent M Pitman <KMP@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>

    We on the committee studied Kohlbecker's thesis and while the ideas were
    interesting, they were not clearly something we could just lift and use
    directly in Common Lisp. It seemed clear that some "research" needs to
    be done and none of us on the macro committee has had time to do the
    necessary research.  The Scheme community is still in flux on the macro
    issue, and we're also waiting and watching to see what happens there...

The paper by Bawden and Rees in the Lisp & Functional Programming 1988 ACM
conference should be very helpful in this respect.  No, it hasn't been published
yet, the conference is in September(I think), coterminous with an X3J13 meeting.
You can probably get prepublication copies from them when they submit their
final draft to the conference.  I deliberately didn't cc the authors on this
reply, as I did not want them to be deluged with any subsequent mail.