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Issue: [Not Really] LET-TOP-LEVEL (version 1)

My apologies for not remembering earlier your presentation at Fort Collins.
[I may have even made some comment about the desirablity of documenting
the notion of "lexical shielding" in some macro expansions -- such as for
DEFSUBST -- while still permitting "lexical capturing" in more general
cases.  Also, last month, I privately sent you some macro examples wherein 
"lexical capturing" was put to productive use.]

Yes indeed, I'd feel quite uncomfortable if the future of macros in the
Lisp world were to be relegated to some kind of "pre-processor" status.
Shades of C-level programing!  But as I mentioned to Kent the other day,
there has just got to be some theory of definition and use that makes
it easy to understand what's reasonable and doable, and helps the naive
user avoid troublesome situations.

-- JonL --