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I support the general idea of this proposal, but have a few nits to pick...
  * I think IN-PACKAGE is broken for being able to demand-create a package.
    It serves two unrelated roles, one of which being selection and the other
    being creation. Extending it to allow more keywords will worsen the problem.
    Given DEFPACKAGE, I would rather see IN-PACKAGE incompatibly changed to NOT
    allow demand creation. This would fix a lot of bugs.
  * There might should be a :SHADOWING-IMPORT-FROM.
  * I think that all options listed as symbol/string should be string-only.
    People should be discouraged from naming symbols before the package structure
    is fully in place. I'll stop short of suggesting that :IMPORT-FROM and
    which still muck with symbols.
  * I'm surprised you left out the Genera :INCLUDE feature, but I guess that
    could always be added later if it was seen to be desired so it's ok.
  * :PREFIX-NAME is mentioned only in the same. To have it in an integrated fashion,
    you'd need a PACKAGE-PREFIX-NAME function and some discussion of that it was
    automatically a nickname if not explicitly in the list of names or nicknames.
I'm in a hurry so didn't write much on each of these. I can elaborate on any that
are found to be not clear.