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I support SUBSEQ-OUT-OF-BOUNDS:IS-AN-ERROR, however I think we need
to be clearer about whether the upper bound is the fill-pointer or
the actual array length.  I remember that this was controversial before.
Your rationale and esthetics could be taken as arguments for using the
actual array length.  A close reading of your proposal shows that it
proposes using the fill pointer.  Current practice in Symbolics Genera
is to use the fill pointer; I didn't check whether your other current
practice entries referred to the fill pointer or the actual array length.

Also be clearer that the start must less than or equal to the end even
if the end was defaulted or NIL.

In the cost to users section, I believe you have a typo, "not" where
you mean "now".  This is one of those commonly made unfortunate typos
that reverses the meaning of a sentence.