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>  Moon says that *TERMINAL-IO* (and, by extension, *QUERY-IO*, and
>  *DEBUG-IO*) should fail to work in a non-interactive environment where
>  nothing like a terminal exists.  

That seems like a needless restriction that could be rather painful
in particular instances.

What if I'm running a test suite that is trying to verify the
behavior of the debugger?   

What if I want to redirect *termainal-io* through files to evade
limitations imposed by a given environment?  (E.g., simulating TENEX
detach/attach in Unix, or running on a box with NFS but no terminal.) 

What if I have a complex applications that started life being highly
interactive via *query-io*, and now has stabilized to the point where
people want to invoke it via canned scripts?

I'm having trouble imagining a situation where I would want
*terminal-io* to fail simply because Lisp was guessing that the 
environment wasn't interactive.