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Withdrawn issues

Just to make sure, this is the list of issues that I've removed from my list of
ones we are actively considering. I think they are gone for good. If you think
differently, be prepared to volunteer to help bring them out in good form.

 - GC-MESSAGES (version 1)
   (Control over unsolicited GC messages in typescript)
   merge with other controls for unsolicited messages?
	Withdrawn for good this time

 - FILE-LENGTH-PATHNAME (not submitted, from ISSUES.TXT)
   (P 425) "Generalize FILE-LENGTH to accept any filename, not just
   an open file-stream.  Let it take a keyword argument :ELEMENT-TYPE,
   defaulting to STRING-CHAR for non-stream arguments and to the
   element-type of the stream for a stream argument."
   Need volunteer to write up.
	I have two notes, one is "withdrawn" and the other is "may return NIL".
	I think the first is correct.

 - LAMBDA-LIST-DUPLICATES (Version 1, 07-Mar-88)
   (allow sequential non-interative)
	Leave status quo: not allowed.

 - PROMPT-FOR (Version 1)
   (add new function which prompts)
   Tabled until re-submitted.
	Withdrawn, this time for good.

 - SETF-METHOD-FOR-SYMBOL (Version 3, 11-Nov-87)
   (Change recommendation for (get-setf-method symbol)?)
	Withdrawn, subsumed by SETF-SUB-METHODS

	I think I had this on a previous withdrawn list, but I hadn't moved
	the issue file.
	The character committee will propose removing BITS.