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Since I was not involved in the cl-cleanup list,
I have no information on the process of COERCE-INCOMPLETE issue which
seems to be discussed.
I guess it must be the issue I raised and I sent to Larry Masinter
according to his request.
I still have a interest on this issue but
I myself understand the situation as it is the issue I gave to cl-clearup
So, I have no will to discuss on the matter unless the subcommittee
forward the mails of their discussions.
I have a desire to receive the mailing-list,
but as some of you may know,
All the traffic between US and I are paid by myself.
So, I am afraid that I will short of money for this year's research with
the expenses of un-needed mails.
So, I hope a kind of moderated communication about the cleanup things.
Hoping your kind treatment.

Masayuki Ida