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comments on draft proposals

EQUAL-STRUCTURE:  My favorite alternative is CHANGE-EQUALP.  I have found
the current definition of EQUALP to be pretty useless.  I actually think
that the most useful behavior would be to have EQUAL descend only list
structures and compare everything else with EQL, and have EQUALP descend
arrays and structures as well as lists while making it consider characters
of different case and numbers of different types distinct.

DEFPACKAGE:  I like this proposal.  About the only thing I would change
would be making the options that only use the names of the symbols
(everything but :IMPORT and :SHADOWING-IMPORT) take strings as well.
I would also like to see some clarification of the order in which things
happen:  do the clauses get processed in the order they appear, or in
"Put In Seven Extremely Random User Interface commands" order, or in
some other order?  The compiler cleanup group would be willing to put
forward a proposal to remove the magic status of the N random package
forms, but I think the DEFPACKAGE proposal can stand on its own.

DECLARATION-SCOPE:  Seems OK to me.  It is at least more understandable
than the current language in CLtL.