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I dislike the names OUTPUT-WIDTH and OUTPUT-POSITION for several reasons:

(1) It's ambiguous--the "position" could be for the whole stream output
so far instead of just the current line.
(2) VAX LISP already has exactly the functionality of OUTPUT-POSITION but
with the name LINE-POSITION.  VAX LISP also has a function called
RIGHT-MARGIN, which might be the same as OUTPUT-WIDTH, but I'm not sure.

Is the intent of OUTPUT-WIDTH to provide an indication to the pretty
printer of how far it knows it can print towards the side?  Is it meant
to be an absolute limit, in that printing beyond that point is undefined?
What should the OUTPUT-WIDTH of string streams be?  In VAX LISP, the
RIGHT-MARGIN of string streams is 80, but we allow users to override how
far the printer goes before inserting newlines.

A lesser name complaint is OUTPUT-SPACE might be better named WRITE-SPACE
to match the other WRITE-xxx functions.