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    I'll include a mention about "embedded languages."  Of course, embedded
    languages are not Common Lisp.  If one favors SYMBOL-MACROLET because it
    supports embedded languages, then one "should" also favor souping up
    readmacros to make READ a fully-general parser, for how else can we support
    an embedded language like FORTRAN?

Embedding languages in Lisp is old and valuable tradition.  Therefore
it is reasonable to support a Lisp feature on the grounds that it
makes it easier to use Lisp in one of its traditional areas of

I would expect to support a language like FORTRAN or C by using READ
as a lexer and writing a separate parser.  For example, a Lisp version
of yacc *may* be appearing as free software soon (not from me).  I
assume that Kent was refering to custom embedded languages more on the
level of CLISP.