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Minor residual nit picking...

 * In the Proposal section, numbered item 4, end of line 1, the
   typo "the a" still appears.

 * In the second example, you are guaranteed that this works only
   if you haven't changed the value of *DEBUG-IO*. Note that, unlike
   the third example which uses the variable *TERMINAL-IO* which
   users are forbidden to change, *DEBUG-IO* has no such restriction.
   Since your proposal says clearly that these are constraints only
   on the initial values, the claim on the second example is a bit
   strong. [I would be ammenable to expanding the proposal to say that 
   it `is an error' (ie, has undefined effects) if you do any later
   bindings or assignments which invalidates one of the assertions you
   have listed.

In spite of the above, it's ok to go ahead and start listing me as a
supporter of this proposal.