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After sleeping on it, I've decided that my arguments against your "Spanish
Inquisition" philosophy, forcing users to do everything in a portable way
aaginst their will, were silly.  As you say, Common Lisp does indeed make
people go the long way round in dozens of places in the language, all for
their own good and for greater portability.

The only difference here is that the need for porting code to file
systems of different case comes up much less often than other kinds of
porting issues, and many of us may never be faced with this; if we are,
it's easy to find and fix the problems.  And I still think it's a confusing
choice to use the case of a field to signal how you want the case to be
altered, though perhaps not fatally confusing.  I retain a mild preference
for giving the default names to the verbatim versions, but can live with
either choice.

-- Scott