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Your writeup looks fine.

Non-preemptive comments:

 * Under Rationale, you could mention that some implementations may be
   using something like CLOS' DEFMETHOD to implement print-function,
   and such methods will naturally be inherited. Your proposal is,
   therefore, more consistent with a CLOS-oriented view of the world
   than a non-inheriting proposal would be.

 * Under Current Practice, both Symbolics Genera and Symbolics Cloe
   implement your proposal.


 * Discussion:

    Perhaps some way of specifying that #S syntax should be used instead of
    inheriting the print function of the parent type should be provided for
    (such as specifying :PRINT-FUNCTION with no arguments).

   Or naming the function that does what the #S printer does.
   On the other hand, Waters has requested a function which would return
   the #S information as a list (so he can pretty-print structures). The
   same function could be used for this.
   If the CLOS metaclass stuff goes in, this is presumably no longer needed.