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Issue "Eliminate forced consing" re-visited

   Date: Tue, 23 Aug 88 14:59:23 EDT
   From: Dan L. Pierson <pierson%mist@multimax.arpa>

       > All-in-all, this has moved from what I remember as more a philosophical
       > statement than a cleanup proposal to something that I think we can,
       > and should, pass unless we are prepared to "depreciate" the sequence
       > functions entirely.

       I think that is going a bit far.  Surely the sequence functions are
       not nearly useless without this change.  (Recall, for example, that
       some of them just search.)

   Sorry, I don't mean that the sequence functions are useless without
   this change.  "Depreciate" is a technical term from some other
   language standard (Fortran?) that means the feature is left in this
   version of the language but may (will?) be removed in a future
   version. ...