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I think we need a cleanup item to redefine TYPE-OF to be basically (CLASS-NAME
(CLASS-OF x)) with perhaps a few exceptions for vectors and arrays. 

I agree that "COERCE object to &optional (from (TYPE-OF object))"
makes little sense without such a clarification. Certainly it would make sense
to allow a class as well as a name as the optional "from" argument to COERCE.

I'd like to see a merger of the COERCE-INCOMPLETE and COERCE-FROM-TYPE issues
into a single one.

A sample implementation of a conformal COERCE (which resorted to some built-in
primitives for data structure conversion) would be  useful addition to the


This issue has been in the "pipe" too long. I'd like to see it ready in the next
couple of weeks. So sooner rather than later.