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Issue writeups

Two reminders for those working on cleanup issue writeups:

a) please remember that we are describing changes to the *langauge* and not
changes to CLtL. While we give reference to CLtL as the previous specification,
the proposals will be clearer if you say "Change the language so that FROB
accepts a BAZ" than if you say "Change the wording on P 515 so that it says
'FROB can accept a BAZ'". 

This helps us separate out those things that are properly the domain of the
editorial committee and not this group.

b) Please avoid the "blow-by-blow" accounts in the "Discussion" section, e.g.,
"KDL likes this, kind of. HMP things it stinks, mainly. PDQ said 'Well, I like
it, but only on Thursdays.'"   

Try to keep the discussion in terms of the language and external characteristics
of it, wherever possible. Testimonials have there place where they cannot be
avoided, but generally the proposals will have more impact if we can discussion
the issues on their own merits.