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Re: Issue: PACKAGE-CLUTTER (Version 2)

     Symbols on the LISP package may have function or macro
     definitions, variable definitions or SPECIAL proclamations, or
     type definitions only if explicitly permitted in the specification.
     Neither users nor implementors are permitted to add new kinds of
     definitions for these symbols.
I don't know what "variable definitions" means.

Does this mean that I, as a user, am not allowed to use symbols such as
LIST, MEMBER, or SYMBOL as a lexical variable in my own protable code?  If
so, I am very strongly opposed to this.  The conversion cost would be very
high, and I don't see any safety issue that would force us to restrict the
user in this way.  If that is not the intended meaning, perhaps some
clearer wording is needed.

I'd go along with the other cases.

-- Scott