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Re: Issue: DEFPACKAGE (version 3)

    Date: Wed, 28 Sep 88 13:19:55 PDT
    From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>

    There is no common-lisp capability to "change the print-name" of symbols.
    This DEFPACKAGE proposal doesn't suggest that, so if you think it implied
    it somehow, maybe you could point out the confusing phrases.

I should have said "the way a symbol is printed".  In a programming
environment in which the users program passes through READ and PRINT
this is an issue.  Given that package is bound to some package FOO which
only uses LISP, this form:

  (import 'pcl::class-direct-slots)

Once I read this form, it will print out as:


So that when I load it again in a fresh world, I won't get the result
I got the first time.