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Issue: DECLARE-TYPE-FREE (Version 5)

I agree with you that the "style" comment paragraph should be flushed.

re:  "FIXNUM is not a subtype of (OR BIT PACKAGE) nor vice versa. 
     There are two cases of interest: ..."

     - The outer declaration is a subtype of the inner. eg,
     - The outer declaration is not a subtype of the inner, and vice versa.
       That is, the two types only partly overlap (or don't overlap at all).

Well, foo, in a previous message I claimed that the only legitimate case
is when the inner declaration is a subtype of the outter; that is a
third case you didn't cover.  I think it was Gray's suggestion that
we generalize this strict restraint into permitting an inner declaration
to merely have a non-null intersection.  But I don't see the value of
it, and it even prevents a certain amount of "strong typing" error

-- JonL --