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re: . . . can you comment (or get someone there to
    comment) on the accuracy of Chris's guess that it shouldn't be too hard to
    implement this?  In your implementation, does the outer print communicate

Lucid's circle printer was implemented by someone who left Lucid about
a year ago.  About a half-year ago, I diddled with the code, due to a
complaint from a PCL user (it wasn't Chris) who had circular instances.

I spent far more time at it that I wanted to, bolstered by the thoughts:
  (1) that with just a little more probing, I'd be able to understand the 
      opaque algorithms being employed; and
  (2) I considered the former behaviour a clear "bug" that was actually
      impeding a user's work.
There is no guarantee that all such bugs are fixed now.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

-- JonL --