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Issue: PACKAGE-DELETION (Version 4)

re: Grumble.
    For the record, I don't really think that
     (DELETE-PACKAGE no-such-name)
    should be treated the same as
     (DELETE-PACKAGE unregistered-package)

Kent, I didn't change any of that.  I know, my msg said "added the minor 
corrections"; but I didn't take altering the semantics of DELETE-PACKAGE 
to be a "minor" correction, so I didn't do it.  Could you double check to
be sure that you didn't misread something?

re: I also deliberately did not say that delete package returns T if the
    deletion is successful "and otherwise returns NIL" since sometimes it
    does not return at all. 

Is this really worth belaboring?  You do have to say what it returns
in the case when you call it on an already deleted package.

-- JonL --