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A few minor complaints on this one.

A question was raised at the meeting about having macros signalling
errors during expansion at compile time.  Macro expansion time is the
obvious time for signalling a syntax error for an unrecognized option
and I think that should be made clear in the standard.  The compiler
committee is dealing with the issue of compile time errors and making
this particular error happen only at run-time won't get rid of the
more general problem.

I presume it's the intention of the proposal that the expansion of
DEFPACKAGE should be wrapped with an (EVAL-WHEN (EVAL COMPILE LOAD)
...).  An explicit statement of what you intend for the compiler to do
with DEFPACKAGE should either appear in this proposal, or be
communicated to the compiler committee so that we can put it in one of
our issues. 

I would also like to see more detail on the order that the various things
are supposed to happen in, in the expansion of the macro.  I'm guessing that
it's supposed to be the same as "Put In Seven Extremely Random ..." but
I think the description needs to be more explicit.
Finally, what is the motivation for not having DEFPACKAGE setq *PACKAGE*?