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Issue: HASH-TABLE-TESTS (Version 1)

[One comment was left out of previous version of this message.]

My notes from Fairfax meeting...

X3J13 meeting:

 Barmar: Will the CONTAGION-ON-NUMERICAL-COMPARISON issue make = useable
	 as a hash table key? [Some people said he could use EQUALP, but
	 all agreed that that wouldn't be as perspicuous.]

 JonL: Hmmm, STRING= could be permitted, too.

 There was discussion of extending this proposal. People were mixed in their
 feelings about whether it was advisable to do that.

 JonL made some comment about how CLtL was ambiguous about what hash on EQ
 meant, but neither I (KMP) nor anyone sitting near me could figure out
 what he meant by this.