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My notes from Fairfax meeting...

Cleanup meeting:

 Needs to be discussed concurrently with PACKAGE-CLUTTER since they
 are pretty closely related.

 Thought ready to vote.

X3J13 meeting:

 Perdue: Concern about not being able to TRACE functions in LISP.

 Masinter: It's already a dangerous thing to do. 

 KMP: Just noticed that proposal should say "undefined", -not- "unspecified".

 Haflich: Proposal should say if it's ok for users to redefine symbols
	  that CLtL doesn't define. PACKAGE-CLUTTER suggests that the
	  system can't provide a LAMBDA definition, but this proposal
	  should say whether users can create such a definition.

 Slater: Can you shadow CAR? [in the package sense]

 Masinter: Of course.

 JonL: The term "shadow" is used ambiguously. Don't talk about shadowing
       using FLET because it leads to confusion.

 No vote was attempted.