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My notes from Fairfax meeting:

Cleanup meeting:

 KMP: Moon thinks it's important to get this vote on in some form soon,
      even if it takes an ammendment to leave out SYMBOL-FUNCTION and TRACE.

X3J13 meeting:

 Sandra brought an ammendment slide...

   Remove SYMBOL-FUNCTION, TRACE and UNTRACE from the list of affected

   Add a new function:

   FDEFINITION <spec>					[Function]

   The current global function definition named by <spec> is returned.
   It is an error if the <spec> has no function definition.

   <spec> must be either a symbol or a list of the form (SETF <symbol>).

   FDEFINITION may be used with SETF to alter the global function

 JonL, Gregor: De-couple the issue from the issue of essential
      	       functionality from that of function specs.

 The discussion ended due to lack of time.