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> > Date: Fri, 14 Oct 88 19:11:41 BST
> > From: Jeff Dalton <jeff%aiai.edinburgh.ac.uk@NSS.Cs.Ucl.AC.UK>
> > There are some problems with the DEFCONSTANT model for "global lexical".
> > The constants are effectively proclaimed SPECIAL but (special) binding
> > is disallowed.  Because of the SPECIAL proclamation, this prevents
> > lexical binding too; but lexical binding should not be prevented for
> > global lexicals.
> That isn't what CLtL says about DEFCONSTANT.  From p. 69:

You're right, but I was making deductions.  Perhaps I read too much
into "that special variable" and "like DEFPARAMETER but".  Nonetheless,
Lucid CL 2.1 does proclaim it special.

All I wanted to establish was that lexical bindings should be OK.