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re: My notes from Fairfax meeting...
    . . . 
     JonL: One issue is that infinite printing might occur if circularities
	   occur. [JonL said he doesn't believe this is reason not to do it,
	   but he did want to raise the issue.]

Hmmm, I seem to remember rebutting a contention like the one you now
attribute to me; namely, I claimed that circularities in hash-table
components should be no different than circularities in cons cells or 
structure components.  Possibly I raised the "straw man" myself, but I 
really thought somebody else did.

-- JonL --

P.S. Are your "Farifax meeting" notes something you wrote down at the time,
    or something you reconstructed from memory?  This is not a criticism,
    I'm just curious; and I won't ask again, although there may be other
    places like this where my memory differs from yours.