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    Date: Mon, 17 Oct 88 16:58:41 PDT
    From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>

    ... Are your "Fairfax meeting" notes something you wrote down at the time,
    or something you reconstructed from memory?  This is not a criticism,
    I'm just curious; and I won't ask again, although there may be other
    places like this where my memory differs from yours.

[Replying to the whole group since others may have had the same question. -kmp]

With one or two exceptions [and this is not one], I wrote them at the
time.  That's why I kept encouraging people to just make their point and
then let us go on. I figured I could reconstruct it all fairly
accurately online later from the notes I was taking.

My notes say you brought up the issue, that you thought it was not
something to worry about, but that you were afraid it was something
other people might worry about so you wanted to make sure it was noted.

Btw, the point of the notes was not to pin anyone to a particular
opinion.  I may have made mistakes in my recording or you may have
changed your mind.  The main purpose, which I think I was achieved, was
that all that we not forget all the important points which got raised so
that we can come out with writeups that are well-researched in the areas
that people seemed to care about.