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re: . . . Actually, I would be happy
    with a simple statement that the implementation must not use any
    keywords or external symbols in the Lisp package as indicators on the
    property list of any symbol.  I don't care if the system puts things ...

I like to plead again to please separate the PACKAGE-CLUTTER issue from
the LISP-SYMBOL-REDEFINITION issue.  Walter had a good idea some time
ago to rename PACKAGE-CLUTTER as LISP-PACKAGE-CONTENTS.  Larry has said 
that he would "group together" related issues like this; but I think the 
issue of LISP-PACKAGE-CONTENTS is _critical_ to a portable language, 
whereas the issue of LISP-SYMBOL-REDEFINITION simply helps smooth over 
some minor irritants.  More to the point, the former is at last 
non-controversial, while the latter still boils and stews.

-- JonL --