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> Date: Mon, 24 Oct 88  18:25:17 CDT
> From: David N Gray <Gray@DSG.csc.ti.com>
> For example, on the Explorer, REQUIRE with one argument calls
> MAKE-SYSTEM, and MAKE-SYSTEM calls PROVIDE when it is finished.  
> Can you feel comfortable with permitting that?

I think it's reasonable for MAKE-SYSTEM (or LOAD-SYSTEM, or whatever)
to implicitly or explicitly do a PROVIDE, since MAKE-SYSTEM is not
part of standard Common Lisp.  I'm more concerned about forbidding
things that -are- part of the standard language (like LOAD) from
having side effects that make REQUIRE behave differently in different

Also, I don't think that making REQUIRE automatically do a MAKE-SYSTEM
is in the spirit of this proposal, which is intended to make REQUIRE
strictly declarative and never cause anything to be loaded without
user intervention.