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I think this is the correct approach, and consistent with the charter to
deal with the CLOS integration issues that the CLOS proposal didn't. 

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Date: Mon, 17 Oct 88 13:40 PDT
 From: Gregor.pa
Subject: defstruct print function inhertiance
To: Masinter.PA
Message-ID: <19881017204013.9.GREGOR@PORTNOY.parc.xerox.com>
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The proposal should say that it defines an approptiate method on the
print-object generic function.  This is simpler to say, and precisely
defines all the behavior that is being difficult to define here.  It
also gives the user more, since it makes it clear how they can override
an inherited print function with defmethod.

I guess its something like:

(defstruct (foo (:print-function (lambda (x y z) ..))) a b c)

(defmethod print-object ((x foo) y)
  (let ((z <I don't know what>))

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