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Re: logical pathnames

I think we need a set of coherent "pathname" proposals. They probably need
to be examined in toto. The combiniation of -CANONICAL-TYPE,
-COMPONENT-CASE, and a few others bother me because they don't necessarily
"hang together". 

It would be very useful to have a writeup of "current practice" in this
area. In the Common Lisp documentation I have (which includes recent
documententation for Envos Medley, Procyon, Franx EXCL, and Vax Lisp, but
no others) this information is sketchy. At least the Franx EXCL
documentation describes how various Unix pathnames are parsed by
PARSE-NAMESTRING. Since I don't have the symbolics documentation handy its
a little harder to figure out what Genera Logical Pathnames might do.

EB: can you be convinced to put together a proposal?