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Re: Issue: FUNCTION-COERCE-TIME (Version 2)

Well, the main reason why I prefer "AMBITIOUS" to "HYBRID" is that it
seems kind of peculiar to make an exception for the two functions,
different from all the other functions that take functional arguments,
it makes them different from the pathname functions (which always
coerce non-pathname "pathname" arguments to pathnames) and the package
functions (which always coerce non-package "package" arguments to

Also, I disagree that there is no performance penalty, although it's
certainly small in comparison to the rest of the reader's processing.
For example, A-Lisp has a fast, opencoded funcall primitive that it
uses when its argument is guaranteed to be a function, which is *much*
faster than a normal funcall (by a factor of at least 20).

I don't feel really strongly about this -- HYBRID is not really all
that objectionable to me, and I would vote for it if AMBITIOUS is
thrown out.