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Issue deadlines

I need more time to work on the several remaining issues that I'm a
central party to.  Could you possibly extend the deadline for one more
week?  In particular, I have three nascent new version of issues that 
need airing:

  SETF-FUNCTION-VS-MACRO  -- As per discussion at the Fairfax meeting --
                             Gregor and I have a good plan; it's just a 
                             matter of writing it out and proofreading it;
  DECLARATION-SCOPE       -- Again, I have it "scoped out", with partial
                             discussion appearing recently, but need an
                             hour or so to write out the simpler version;
  HASH-TABLE-STABILITY    -- The issue that I explicitly asked for "more 
                             time" on at Fairfax; clarify what "Hash on
                             EQ" implies.

The problem, as usual, is that one's companies product deadlines don't 
just disappear when we go into high-speed "Cleanup" mode, and there is 
only so much time per week I can spend on reading x3 mail etc. [plus
another bout with the "flu".]

I expect to be able to have fairly good versions of two of the three
issues above by this weekend, and the third one finished by the middle
of next week.  Can this time frame be accommodated?

-- JonL --