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re:     [JonL] This proposal isn't merely an ADDITION -- it is an incompatible 
	CHANGE, since CLtL explicitly states that the output of MAKE-STRING is
	a simple string.
    [moon] It is not an incompatible change.  ... because no [currently?]
    portable program will use the newly added feature.  

Sorry, but it is an incompatiblity visible to any code-analysis system 
that does type-inferencing.  Those programs can "know" from CLtL that

For example, Lucid's compiler contains detailed information about 
the specified argument types and function result types, and uses that
information to do some type-inferencing.  Furthermore, as Lucid 2.1 and
3.0 release documentation makes clear, AREF can only be open-coded on 
SIMPLE-ARRAYs; so the distinction _can_ be critically important.

Now, I don't claim that Lucid's type-inferencing is perfect in all 
circumstances; but it does matter to us when incompatible changes
are made to the type specifications of standard functions.

-- JonL --