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    Date: 14 Nov 88 15:32 PST
    From: masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    Frankly, although option #2 with filtering looks like it is simpler --
    certainly the syntax description is shorter -- I think option #1, where you
    spell out more explicitly the kind of iteration you want to do, looks like
    it is easier to understand.

Are you sure you really mean that?  Option 1 is the same as option 2 except
that it offers a bunch of additional features, so how can it be simpler?
Or to put it another way, option 1 is the same as option 2 except that you
write some of the control structure of your program in a special language
instead of Lisp.

    So I would vote for option #2 over option #1 even without some special
    Lucid-specific circumstances.

Oh, okay, so actually you think option 2 is easier to understand.

    The writeup should reference issue DO-SYMBOL-DUPLICATES which passed.