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Re: Issue: HASH-TABLE-STABILITY (version 1)

> re: Well said.  I can think of one "problem": you have specified the
>     constraints relating the :test and the key transformation so well
>     that it no longer seems reasonable that users are not able to provide
>     their own :test and key transformation.
> That would be superb, if Joe Random User were able to understand this
> "clarification".  I agree that that may be the only thing lacking for 
> fully extensible hash-tables.

There are many things in Lisp that users may not understand initially
and so may get wrong.  I don't think that's necessarily a good reason
to keep something out of the language.  (And if it were, there are
parts of CLOS, SETF, and packages that we would want clean out.)

BTW, Pop11 allows user-specified test and hash (key transform)

-- Jeff