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dispatch macro characters

Have there been any cleanup issues regarding dispatch macro characters?
I'm reviewing the draft section on I/O, and I noticed some things
weren't specified very completely in this area:

1) What does GET-MACRO-CHARACTER return if the character is a
dispatching character?  Currently, I guess it is implementation-defined
by default; should the standard say so explicitly?

2) Is there a way to find out if a character is a dispatching character?

3) If not, what is the effect of calling MAKE-DISPATCH-MACRO-CHARACTER
on a character that is already a dispatch macro character.  Is it a
no-op, does it reinitialize its dispatch table, or is it undefined?

If the answer to 2 is "No" and 3 is not "no-op" then it becomes
difficult to call SET-DISPATCH-MACRO-CHARACTER in many situations,
because some other program (or the user) may have turned a dispatch
character into a normal character when the application wasn't looking.

Have there been any cleanup issues addressing these problems?