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In a previous message on this issue, I said that there isn't an ANSI
standard for Unix. I have been corrected, viz:

"FYI: There is an ANSI standard for UNIX, it was developed by the POSIX
P1003.1 group under the sponsorship of the IEEE Computer Societies
Technical Committee on Operating Systems.  The standard was a "trial
use" standard for approximately two years and was recently (Aug 22,
1988) approved as a full IEEE/ANSI standard.  Draft 12 of P1103.1 has
also been an interim FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) for
approximately a year.

Among other things, POSIX includes a definition of a pathname."

This would mean that we could in fact define in the ANSI Standard for
Common Lisp how the pathname functions should work when operating on files
stored within IEEE/ANSI Standard Unix. 

I think this would be a Good Idea. I don't think it needs to be done in
time for the next meeting. I'm not sure that it has to form part of the
Draft Standard for Common Lisp, at this point, since often documents that
interrelate two standards are external to both of them.