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Re: Issue: CLOSED-STREAM-OPERATIONS (Versions 3vR, 3R)

<<I thought for a minute that David Moon had actually produced a new
version 4, but I was mistaken; this message supersedes the previous one 
"Re: Issue: CLOSED-STREAM-OPERATIONS (Versions 3vR, 3R, 4)"

I'm sorry that you didn't get a copy of Walter's version 3. I have
forwarded to you, in a separate message, all of the relevant mail on the
topic that didn't explicitly include you in the cc list. (I guess we had no
warning that you were preparing a version 3.)

 You say "My version is separate and hopefully unique."I don't hope for
unique versions; I hope for merged ones. Are you dissastified with Walter
van Roggen's Version 3? (Frankly, I have not taken the time to review the
differences between the various versions.)