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> My belief is that we can fix the "problem" stated in this issue--namely
> that the current dual purpose of IN-PACKAGE reduces error checking--by
> submitting a proposal as follows:

I haven't seen traffic in reply on cl-compiler, so for what it's worth,
Masinter's proposal sounds right on the mark to me.

Of course this is a real change to the definition of Common Lisp
package handling, but something is badly needed in this area.  DEFPACKAGE
looks like it would be a big help.  When can we get a portable
implementation to try out, and from whom????

It would be quite nice if the ANSI standard could do without the
current requirement that LOAD must interleave resolution of symbol references
and execution of top level forms.  (p.182)  How about it KCL users?
Wouldn't you all like that?  My impression is that
it would be within reason to eliminate this requirement if we adopt
DEFPACKAGE.  Has that been considered?